Sunday, 16 October 2011

Good Reviews, Bad Reviews, Great News...

Look at this Blasted Heath loveliness. I've come over all un-necessary. And an interview with Allan Guthrie - half of the deadly duo.

The charming Aly Monroe talks to CrimeTime about ICELIGHT. And Aly will be at the Guildford Book Festival on October 22nd.

A great post and comments over at Helen Fitzgerald's place on the topic of bad reviews. And congratulations Helen and for this (not sure what is in the public domain yet, Ms Blabbermouth, so I'll just make this a blanket to cover all your good news!) Brilliant stuff.

Over at Detectives Beyond Borders, Peter muses on the brilliance that is Ray Banks. And I Meant To Read That reads Ray Banks' GUN. Good to see Mr Banks getting some well-deserved praise.

Alexander McCall Smith on Australian TV. And a review of the first couple of the Corduroy Mansions series.

Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES to return to BBC 1. And SFGate suggests subtitles.

Over at Mulholland Books Kate Atkinson asks Denise Mina some questions. And a review of Denise Mina's THE END OF THE WASP SEASON.

Ian Rankin on the joys of vinyl, and on the rather more dubious joys of author readings.

Philip Kerr's Desert Island Books.

Heath Lowrance reviews Nigel Bird's SMOKE.

I have just had a brilliant idea for a new book. Now I just need to find the time to write it...


  1. Great blog! I'm reading The End of the Wasp Season right now, enjoying it lots--hmmm....maybe appreciating it is a better word than enjoying, ha. Good interview with Mina, as always. Tonight my tv is going to show the first of the Case Histories programs, it's a three part series we're finally going to get to see! Yes, Ray Banks is brilliant, a book of his sitting here screaming to be read; and yes congrats to Helen! Now go write your book, Donna! :-)


  2. Why is it I love reading about other people´s one-star reviews?

    Dorte H.

  3. Cheers Bobbie - read Ray, read Ray!

    Dorte - why is that? :o)