Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Fiction Feast

Val McDermid will be appearing in Lichfield today and at the Durham Book Festival next week (and I love the idea of the Book Doctor). In other Val news, EuroCrime reviews THE RETRIBUTION.

10 of the best films set in Edinburgh. They missed out one of my favourites - Crying With Laughter. Talking about Edinburgh films - the truth behind Trainspotting.

Les Edgerton says that he can't do Ray Banks' BEAST OF BURDEN justice, and then proceeds to do just that. Nice.

David Tennant is set to play Robert Louis Stevenson in a BBC Radio drama.

More on the NO REST FOR THE DEAD anthology.

A report from the Portobello Book Festival on a writing workshop featuring Allan Guthrie.

Ian Rankin's Edinburgh Playlist. Some good stuff there. Talking of Ian, here he is on The Wright Stuff, where he refuses to eat a rotten egg. Probably the most sensible thing he's ever done.

Finally, here's more on the exciting Blasted Heath news. Doesn't that Blasted Box look delicious?


  1. 'Delicious' - yeah! Tinned treats. Digital delights. Blasted bonbons. Guthrie goodness. Heathen heaven. Mmmm... that's the Blasted Boxset :)

  2. Mmmmmmmmm - I'm peckish for some Heathen Heaven, now.