Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Smatterings

Film viewing this weekend was a nicely nasty thriller called Night of The Sunflowers (La Noche De Los Girasoles). It's set in rural Spain and tells a story from six different perspectives. It looks at how one event can have a ripple effect that affects everyone. Really good stuff.

I went to the CWA lunch in Glasgow on Friday where much of the talk was of Scotland's first crime festival - Bloody Scotland in September 2012 - which is shaping up to be excellent.

Helen Fitzgerald was also there with this news, and other exciting stuff that cannot yet be spoken of.

Nice - The Willard Grant Conspiracy and Ian Rankin in Belfast on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November. There should be more of this cross-fertilization between the arts. Now, give me a moment while I go and cross-fertilize with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club...

More Ian Rankin - an interview in The Scotsman. And I've said it before - he's one of the nicest men in crime fiction. (And he mentioned the wonderful Sonic Youth (one of my favourite tracks here) on The Review Show.

A new novel from Karen Campbell is due out in 2013. Not a crime novel, but she is such a brilliant writer that I will most definitely be reading it. Her writing is amazing. If you've never read any of her Glasgow-set police procedurals, do yourself a favour and get one.

Denise Mina will be at Houston's Murder By The Book on October 12th, and at Book Passage in Marin County on October 15th. And in Ottowa between 20th and 25th October, along with Ian Rankin.

More on the Philip Kerr Diana film (she says, rolling her eyes).

A review of Gordon Ferris' TRUTH, DARE, KILL, the Book Whisperer loved Val McDermid's THE TORMENT OF OTHERS. And Reader's Advisory enjoyed Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES.

The NO REST FOR THE DEAD anthology, featuring Alexander McCall Smith amongst others.

Talking of no rest for the dead, I am the happy, happy possessor of three new books:
CHOKE HOLD by the lovely Christa Faust
THE OUTLAW ALBUM by Daniel Woodrell
HELL AND GONE by Duane Swierczynski
...and have no time to read them because of university stuff. I am absolutely loving my course, but haven't had time to read anything for fun, let alone write anything other than essays, for the last six weeks. And these three books are now sitting there, tantalising and tempting me with their gorgeousness. Still, if I have to have a temporary hiatus from reading gorgeous books, at least I can wear them. Can't wait until this arrives from the talented Miss Demeanour.


  1. TOTALLY agree with the comment about Karen Campbell. And don't worry about your TBR pile - just send them down to Ayr and I'll keep them warm for you.

  2. So miss...I need another book, and when are you coming back to California. I haven't seen you for almost 10 years. Can you believe it? Ariana is almost a teenager.

  3. Michael - not a chance :o)

    Gina - is it really that long? Oh my! I'd love to come back and see you!