Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I Ain't Nuthin' But a Gorehound

For authors thinking of signing up for Crimefest, better do so before the end of the month if you want a guaranteed panel. Author slots are almost full. That means I can start programming soon.

More on those Blasted Heathens. And here. And the always brilliant Douglas Lindsay on Blasted Heath. The man is a comedy genius.

An interview with Val McDermid over at Jen's Book Thoughts. And Val will be in Durham this Saturday. How does she ever find the time to go on her favourite walk?

Denise Mina and Ian Rankin in Quebec on 28th October.

Paul Brazill reviews Denise Mina's END OF THE WASP SEASON. A review of Ian Rankin's THE IMPOSSIBLE DEAD, Dwell in Possibility reviews Josephine Tey's THE SINGING SANDS. And Talk Books 247 reviews Aly Monroe's ICELIGHT.

More on the Ian Rankin night with the Willard Grant Conspiracy. AndDoug Johnstone interviews Ian Rankin.

Vancouver gets to know Denise Mina's workspace.

Congratulations to Peter May whose THE BLACKHOUSE won France's biggest readers' prize - the CEZAM Prix Litteraire, which voted by 3551 jurors. Très bien, Monsieur May. And, talking of prizes, congratulations to the nominees in the Crime and Thriller category of the National Book Awards, especially Val McDermid and Ian Rankin.

Finally, if you're looking for gifts for your pulp fiction loving female friends, you should hop over to Miss Demeanour's Etsy store. I treated myself and just received this and this in the post today. Gorgeous. I tried to take a photo of me wearing them, but all I got was gratuitous breast shots.

PS - my brain is numb and I couldn't think of a title for this post, hence the totally unrelated Cramps reference.