Thursday, 16 July 2009

How Many Reasons Do You Need To Visit Edinburgh?

Here are three.

Reason Number 1

The lovely people at Waterstone's in Edinburgh have sent me this:

Waterstone's Edinburgh West End is proud to host:

A lunchtime signing with Jeffery Deaver.

12.30pm Saturday 25th July 2009

Signing. No tickets required.

The best-selling crime fiction author, Jeffery Deaver, will be signing copies of his latest book, Roadside Crosses. No ticket is necessary but this signing is expected to be very busy so please arrive in good time if you would like a dedicated copy. If you are unable to attend we can reserve a signed copy for you, though dedications cannot be guaranteed.

Store event contact: Chris Barker or Andy Jamieson (0131 226 2666, Waterstone's Edinburgh West End, 128 Princes Street, EH2 4AD)

Reason Number 2

Follow in Rebus' footsteps with a walking tour of Edinburgh visiting some of his haunts.

Reason Number 3

How about tea and crumpets with Allan 'Sunshine' Guthrie - the scariest teetotal, vegetarian, ex- bassoon playing, pleonasm-hating crime writer in Edinburgh? No? You're probably wise to turn that one down. Dec Burke reports that Allan 'Sunshine' Guthrie has been kindled.

And not only is TWO-WAY SPLIT available, but so is KISS HER GOODBYE (for $1.25) and KILLING MUM (complete with cheeky looking squirrel) for a supercheap 99 cents.


  1. Mr Guthrie sounds like my kind of man. How do I meet him? Never mind the crumpets. Does he do scones? Or pancakes?

  2. Oh for the love of Mike (whoever Mike is), please do not mention pancakes to Mr Guthrie. After the unfortunate incident with the pancake batter, the weasel and the loofah it's...well, let's just say it's not a good topic of conversation.

  3. How many reasons ...
    None, really. I love Scotland, and we enjoyed Edinburgh so much that to me visiting it a sound, natural urge :D

    Perhaps we should try Glasgow one day, though. Especially if we had you around to save us from all the muggers ;D

  4. Dorte - I think you should. I can't guarantee safety from muggers though. I seem to attract them...

  5. Hey Donna, Edinburgh is good. How about Harrogate? I went for the first time last year. Awesome.

  6. Michael - are you going this year? I'm arriving Friday lunchtime and leaving Saturday morning - a flying visit only, but better than nothing!

  7. I bet the pleonasm-hating, couscous-crunching, club-soda-quaffing quondam bassoon blower doesn't like periphrasis either. Or circumlocution.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  8. great place!!i like to visit this place very soon.

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