Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Round-Up

An interview with Ken McClure, whose latest medical thriller WHITE DEATH is out this month. The nice people at Polygon have sent me a copy of the book. As I don't do well with medical thrillers (I once fainted on the bus when two women in front of me were swapping operation stories with ever increasing goriness, and on another occasion I threatened a dentist with violence - uttering the ill-considered line "If you think you're coming anywhere near my mouth with that thing, you can think again, matey.") So I will try and give it a more appreciative home than mine, so if you would like it (and, subsequently share your thoughts of it with me so that I can post them here, perhaps? (but don't feel obliged)) please either leave a comment in the comments section, or e-mail me at bigbeatfrombadsville at gmail dot com.

Was MacBeth set up? A story by Ian Rankin in The Times.

One minute with Denise Mina in the Independent. Plus a brief review of her new novel, STILL MIDNIGHT.

A couple of reviews of Irvine Welsh's REHEATED CABBAGE, one of which ends with news that he is working on a prequel to TRAINSPOTTING called SKAGBOY.

Three Emmy nominations for Alexander McCall Smith

Val Mc Dermid to appear at the Budleigh Salterton literary festival in Devon. Looks like a rather nice event by the sea.

And, on the topic of festivals, an interesting article on writers attending music festivals.


  1. Budleigh Salterton just down the road from me and where one of my numerous cousins lives so I will try and get along to that even if only to listen to Val McDermid and HF Keating.

  2. Oops I should have said Simon Brett as well.

  3. Look forward to hearing all about it Norm!

  4. Budleigh Salterron is beautiful!
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

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