Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Quickie

A very short blog post today. And none tomorrow as I am off to T In The Park to see the Kings of Leon, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The View and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. As well as enjoying the music, I will also be trying not to use the loo. I have an aversion to chemical toilets - even before they become totally minging (which is about ten seconds after they are first used). So no food or drink for 10 hours. How will I survive? Luckily, I am like a camel - not that I'm an ungulate, you understand, just that I have a goodly supply of fatty tissue that I could survive on for...oooooh...about a month.

Anyway, a couple of reviews from the website lovereading. The first for Denise Mina's STILL MIDNIGHT, featuring Glasgow cop DI Alex Morrow, and the second for Grant McKenzie's SWITCH, about a man who arrives home to find his home burned to the ground with his wife and daughter inside...or were they?

And finally, a reminder that I will be drawing the winners of Allan Guthrie's SLAMMER on Sunday, so if you want a copy please e-mail me at bigbeatfrombadsville at gmail dot com.


  1. Nick Cave is one of the best. Enjoy.

  2. Top tip from a veteran: last year, there was a Sexual Health tent at "Healthy T" and if you went for a chylamidia test you were able to use a proper, flushing toilet round the back. They only notify you by post if you have it, so there's no potential embarassment factor at all really!

    Go see the Gaslight Anthem - they're the only band I'm really sorry to be missing.

  3. Looking forward to the latest from Denise Mina.

  4. David - Nick Cave was amazing - best gig of the day. I saw him in Edinburgh last year and he was good there but this was something else. Plus, he did 3 of my 4 favourite tracks so I was well chuffed :o)

    LYG - very handy tip that made me laugh, thanks! As it happens they had 'posh toilets'. I wasn't bothered about the flowers, hairdriers and all that stuff, but it was lovely to have toilets that were clean and flushable :o) £2 a throw right enough (spending a penny has become an expensive thing) but it was worth it.

    Darren - me too.