Wednesday 29 July 2009

Scottish Publisher Focus - Black and White Publishing

Black and White Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Edinburgh, publishing fiction and non fiction. They also have an imprint called Chroma which focuses on showcasing new voices in fiction. Here are the crime fiction novels they publish. All quotes are from the website, where more information is available.

ASHANTI GOLD - James Crosbie (June 2009) - "After serving a four-year jail sentence for robbery, Colin Grant emerges a changed man, with a past he’d rather forget. Unable to go back to his old life, Colin decides it’s time for a change of scene and sets off to visit his Uncle George in Africa for a good, long holiday. No more crime, no more jail, no more hassle. But when George takes him on a visit to the richest gold mine in West Africa, it’s just the start of an adventure that could end in either unbelievable riches or certain death."

DANCING WITH DEATH - Reg McKay (October 2008) - "Glasgow, 1968, and terror stalks the streets. When the first woman is murdered, they know they have something to fear. Soon they will know it’s a serial killer. Bible John. And who better to tell the story of Bible John than Bible John himself in his own words, through his diary. "

LAWLESS - Alexander McGregor (September 2006) - "Journalist Campbell McBride's first crime book, The Law Town Killers, is a success but now it's attracting some unwanted attention. McBride's going to have to return to what, when he wrote about it, seemed like a straightforward murder case – a woman strangled by her boyfriend. Otherwise, somebody he cares about might be at risk."

A DEADLY DECEPTION - Margaret Thomson Davis (August 2005) - "Set in a Glasgow high-rise, A Deadly Deception centres on Mabel Smith who lives alone in one of the flats... one day, sitting in the doctor's waiting room flicking through a magazine, Mabel notices adverts for phone-sex...and decides it could be an easy way to make some much-needed extra cash. A thirty-nine-year-old man called John begins phoning her. Mabel tells him her name is Angela and she and John gradually form a close and loving relationship. He, too, is lonely and bitter, after being cruelly deserted by his wife, and he soon becomes eager to find out everything about Angela, especially what she looks like. Mabel then describes a beautiful blonde girl she has seen in the building. John becomes more and more desperate to meet Angela but she keeps putting him off. Eventually he resolves to find her and punish her for tormenting him. After following various clues, he finds the high-rise complex and begins watching it. Finally, he spots a beautiful blonde girl who exactly fits the description he has of Angela but she is clinging to a young man. Feeling jealous and betrayed, John thoughts become murderous and he plans deadly revenge."

UNHOLY TRINITY - Alanna Knight (March 2004) - "Inspector Jeremy Faro is in County Kerry for the family wedding of his writer companion Imogen Crowe when a young couple who are guests at the wedding are brutally murdered. The village simpleton claims he has seen the killers three brothers who have been terrorising the neighbourhood. At a loss as to what to do, the local police appeal to Faro for help but, before an arrest can be made, there are three more inexplicable deaths."

HUNTER - William Coffey (June 2003) "The bodies of two business men are left in the heart of Glasgow. The killer leaves a signature: her DNA. Sex and murder. At a private health clinic in leafy suburbia, two pillars of the community play God. They take in asylum-seekers in the name of charity. The lucky ones lose only their babies. Money and murder. Three are killed in a brutal turf war over drugs. Mayhem and murder. Inspector Sandy Hunter is an old-fashioned Glasgow cop who walks in the footsteps of the dead. It is the life and the living that he cant handle. Rules are there to be bent, and the Establishment turns a blind eye as long as he gets the results. He needs to get three. . . and quickly. "

THESE ARE ONLY WORDS - Simon R Biggam ( 2006) - "I think of myself as a collector. Let him tell you his story. He is a city-centre shopworker who cultivates a facade of blandness to hide a secret life. For him, surveillance is an artform at which he can excel. Peeping Tom. Pervert. Stalker. That is not me. An urban chameleon, a Tom Ripley for the new millenium, an insanely gifted technofreak."

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