Sunday, 11 October 2009

Let's Get Those Melon Farmers...

I'm sitting here at St Louis Airport (only 36 hours after I set off - woohoo!) writing this post and watching the transport police ride around on these lovely little wheel-y things (Segways?) and desperately wanting to throw myself in front of one so that I can get a go on it. I might as well do something useful instead of planning what is no doubt a criminal activity, so here are some links.

Just a reminder about the UNICEF Crime Night at Glasgow's Hillhead Library on October 16th with Karen Campbell, Helen Fitzgerald, Caro Ramsay and Alex Gray. For more information contact Hillhead Library or e-mail

Funghi-phobe Russel McLean on place in crime fiction over at the always excellent Do Some Damage.

Fancy joining Alexander McCall Smith at the Daily Mail Literary Lunch? And more on the premiere of his opera.

Stuart MacBride goes to jail.

The Warwick Words Literary Festival. And a report from the Inverness Book Festival.
Plus Ian Rankin and Denise Mina at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto.

Conan Doyle given stamp of approval.

The Hereford Times on Kate Atkinson.

&*%$ me, if swearing doesn't rear its naughty little head again. And, talking of swearing, here's more news of the TRAINSPOTTING prequel.

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