Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lukewarm Off The Press

A busy weekend this weekend so I am setting this post up to appear automatically on Sunday. I'm off to the ballet on Saturday to see Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray, and then on Sunday it's the Pixies supported by great Scottish band Sons and Daughters. From the sublime to the sublime. So the news will be a tad old by the time this post appears but I hope you will forgive me for only having my finger on the pulse of a two day old corpse.

Both The Independent and Norm at Crimescraps review Philip Kerr's IF THE DEAD RISE NOT. And Norm is obviously in Philip Kerr mode.

Jay Stringer interviews the lovely Ray Banks over at Do Some Damage.

Craig Sisterson talks about Stuart MacBride. And more Stuart along with Ian Rankin and Alex Gray at the Inverness Book Festival, and here.

A couple of reviews for Val McDermid as top bloke Declan Burke reviews FEVER OF THE BONE in The Irish Times. And another in The Mail.

The List on Canongate, Cave and the future of publishing.

Chapter 10 of Alexander McCall Smith's latest Corduroy Mansions novel in the Telegraph.

Jake Kerridge in The Guardian on Ian Rankin's THE COMPLAINTS.

And finally, the Russel McLean competition will close Monday night. I have had a few (mostly wrong) entries. If you look closely I did mention that Russel is a 'fun guy'... I will draw a winner on Tuesday morning.


  1. I wanna know what they thought I shouldn't be fed. In fact, I bet there are some good answers among the wrong ones.

  2. Oh, well, I am sure it´s because we all have plenty of books - far more than we have time to read anyway. ;)

    Or perhaps the word verification is the clue I need: Russell doesn´t agree with ackybeen?

  3. Russel - plenty! A few of the suggestions were guacamole, pizza, warm budweiser, copious amounts of beer (I told that entrant this was most unlikely!), strawberries, vegetables, prawns and curry.

    Dorte - ackybeen sounds MOST disagreeable :o)