Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Pre-Jaunt Round-Up

A short and early post today during my lunchbreak at work. I'm off to Dundee straight after work for the launch of Russel McLean's THE LOST SISTER. A report will follow some time tomorrow, but as I get straight off the train from Dundee and then toddle straight up the road for my voluntary work night shift I won't get home - or to bed - until 6am tomorrow. Needless to say, I will be collapsing into bed rather than writing a blog post when I get home.

And now for the Scottish crime fiction news...

Former Lord Mayor of London Ken Livingstone interviews Iain Banks.

Irvine Welsh talks about his novel CRIME.

Here's the full line-up for the Manchester Literature Festival.

A reviewlet of Ian Rankin's DARK ENTRIES.

Peter May in discussion with Vicki Delaney on blog talk radio.

And finally, for those who can't attend Bouchercon, here's Poisoned Pen's Virtual Mystery Conference on October 24th. What a great idea.


  1. Is that Rankin book named after the Bauhaus song?

  2. Some cracking stuff here, Donna. Have a good evening up at Dundee. I finished reading the book in the wee small hours last night. cracking stuff.

  3. Paul - yes, it is actually. As a fan of Bauhaus (saw them once - they were great), I checked it out a while ago and there was a quote from Rankin to say that it was named for that track.

    Mick - it was a great evening and the bits Russel read from THE LOST SISTER sounded intriguing - glad to hear it lives up to that promise - not that I had any doubt!