Monday, 26 October 2009

A Miscellany of Links

G J Moffat and Caro Ramsay at the Imprint 2009 Book Festival in East Ayrshire on 11th November.

Is the UK film industry struggling?

Vote for your favourite neglected book at BBC Radio 4's Open Book site.

The lovely Dorte from DJ's Krimiblog reviews Helen Fitzgerald's DEAD LOVELY. And, talking of Helen Fitzgerald, why does she always manage to do events when I'm not in town? This one's on in Glasgow's Borders on Saturday 31st October. See also further down the page for an event by Gordon Brown, author of FALLING, on Thursday 10th December.

A report on Val McDermid at Warwick Words.

Ian Rankin's new sleuth. And here, he talks about his Edinburgh.

Alexander McCall Smith on playing Bridge.

More on the violence and misogyny brouhaha,


  1. My wife loves bridge, and she loves the HBO series based on Smith's books. I have to show her the article.

  2. Oh, how kind of you to link to my review. I know it is short, but that is just because I am too busy - I really enjoyed her dark humour! I have her third on my shelf, but I won´t read it until I have bought and read no two.

  3. Bill - I'm gad it works all round for her :o) Sorry I didn't see you at Bouchercon.

    Dorte - you're welcome!I love her dark humour too.

  4. Don't go away so often. Are you rich, or something?

  5. LOL, Bookwitch. I WISH! I just have no bad habits that I spend my money on. Well - except shoes. And books.