Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I Wanna Be Sedated

This might be the last post for this week - I have a colonoscopy on Thursday and apparently I'm not allowed to drink alcohol, operate machinery or sign important documents afterwards. The ramblings of a semi-sedated person with a sore bottom would probably not make for entertaining reading...or maybe they would. Either way, I'd better stay away from the computer. I can't say it's something I'm looking forward to - it's not the camera that bothers me, it's the camera crew...

Anyway, I'm sure that comes under the heading of Too Much Information, so back to your regularly scheduled Scottish crime fiction.

First of all, here's Aly Monroe with a lovely post on the inspiration for Peter Cotton.

Karin Slaughter says there isn't a better crime writer writing today than Denise Mina. And a review of STILL MIDNIGHT from Mostly Fiction.

Crime Watch reviews ALL THE COLOURS OF THE TOWN by Liam McIlvanney, the Mystery Maven enjoyed Russel McLean's sweary THE GOOD SON, and the Scottish Sunday Herald with an excellent review of Craig Russell's THE LONG GLASGOW KISS.

The Skinny has a supplement for the new Unbound strand of the Edinburgh Book Festival (pdf document). It looks great.

The Straits Times calls Stuart MacBride's DARK BLOOD "a bleedin' great thriller."

Ian Rankin will be appearing at the Galway Arts Festival which starts on July 12th.

Margot Kinberg with an interesting and thoughtful post on sleuths and their backstories.

And, finally, Edinburgh's Saughton Prison gets an award for its library. Excellent stuff.


  1. Being semi-sedated and having a sore bottom has never stopped me from rambling. Hope all goes well.

  2. Donna - I wish you well getting through Thursday! And thanks for the mention. Try not to think about that camera crew......

  3. Really hope you come through everything beautifully. As you are.

  4. You'll feel fine within an hour. It's beforehand that sucks. And none of it is painful.

  5. Aw - thanks all - much appreciated.

  6. Donna, my very best wishes to you! The beforehand getting ready is the bad part, and the crew is nice and won't make you too sore...though of course your mind will ramble, that's part of the process. :-) And you probably should not ride the #62 bus there or back to your place. :-) You are in my thoughts.

  7. Best wishes (but perhaps also for a post where Donna gives us Too Much Information ;D)

  8. Yes, we need more on sore bottoms. Much more. And it's your job to provide it, Donna.

  9. Bobbie - thank you!

    Dorte and Bookwitch - you two are SICK...blog post coming up.

  10. Yahoo! A semi-sedated Donna rant!!!!

    I´ll be back :=)

  11. Dorte, we are NOT sick. We are Scandinavians.

    Or is that much the same?

  12. Bookwitch - apparently so :o)