Monday 19 July 2010

"I've stopped speaking to him for obvious reasons"

Val McDermid will be in New Zealand from 22-24 August, and also at the Melbourne Writers' Festival in Australia. As will Louise Welsh. Closer to home, Quintin Jardine will be at the Fringe By The Sea festival in North Berwick from August 10th to 15th.

Ian Rankin on video talking about THE COMPLAINTS. And, if you speak German, here's a video about Craig Russell's LENNOX. Sadly, it's not possible to babelfish a video.

A review of Peter May's Second Life novel - VIRTUALLY DEAD. And one of Val McDermid's THE DISTANT ECHO.

Alexander McCall Smith recommends his summer reads. And Classic Mysteries on McCall Smith's ' gentle detective.'

A review of Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES. And Shelf Love reviews the audio version of WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS.

More on the new Sherlock Holmes TV programme. And another one.

Books From Scotland round up the highlights of the Word Power Book Fringe.

And, finally, this seems a bit of a drastic way to avoid going to work. Ouch.


  1. Excellent round up. I just realised your blog title is named after a Cramps song. Which is very cool.

  2. Donna - Thanks, as always, for this helpful roundup!

  3. M J - The Cramps are one of my favourite bands, so any excuse to use something of theirs and I thought it fitted nicely :o)

    Margot - you're welcome - thanks for letting me know you enjoy it!