Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Collapsing New People

An about-the-houses title for today's post. Anyone who can work out the convoluted machinations of my brain send me an e-mail to the usual address and I will pick one at random and send you either a copy of OLD DOGS or something from my book collection based on what I think you will like (and please don't think I will be offended if you say "For heaven's sake Donna, please please please don't send me OLD DOGS").

So, first of all, a request. We're off to Berlin for 6 days in September (woohoo!). Does anyone have any suggestions for things to see and do, and places to eat and drink? Any hot spots for music (Ewan and I both like indie/alternative/punk)? Anything quirky and off the beaten track we should see? We're staying 4 nights on the 21st floor of a 1960s concrete carbuncle that was the residence of GDR dignitaries (and still is, apparently), and 2 nights in a more conventional hotel. I can't wait.

Listen to some audio highlights from Harrogate Crime Festival here. And Janet O'Kane rounds up her own highlights from the Festival. Helen Carter over at the Guardian talks about braving the Dragons' Pen. Meanwhile, Ali over at the Rap Sheet is still catching up on Crimefest.

The Inverness Courier on the dark crime fiction coming out of Scotland, focusing on Tony Black and Craig Russell mostly. On the lighter side the Mystery Maven reviews M C Beaton's DEATH OF A VALENTINE. And the Mirror has an opinion on Craig Russell's THE LONG GLASGOW KISS, calls Stuart MacBride "tartan noir's greatest exponent" and enjoys Caro Ramsay's DARK WATER.

Catch Lin Anderson at Bonnybridge Library on August 12th, and Quintin Jardine in North Berwick.

Vikram with an interesting alternative perspective on Ian Rankin's LET IT BLEED.

And, finally, a fascinating snippet about Arthur Conan Doyle's father. Whilst Lone Locust Productions enjoyed the first episode of the new TV series.


  1. My hat's in the ring.

    Have a groovy time.

  2. collapsing new people in dead trousers? now there's a thought.