Friday, 16 July 2010

Those Scots Get Everywhere

A nice review of Ian Rankin's BLOOD HUNT. And here's the man himself on video talking about DOORS OPEN.

Everyone seems to be reading Kate Atkinson recently. The rather wonderfully named Biblio's Bloggins loves Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES. And the equally marvellously named Tallulah Mankiller reviews WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS and there's another review here. And a final one here.

A nice wee write up for the marvellous LONG TIME DEAD by Tony Black. Novel Readings enjoyed Denise Mina's FIELD OF BLOOD and a review of Nicola Upson's AN EXPERT IN MURDER which features crime writer Josephine Tey as the sleuth.

Talking of Denise Mina, here's an excellent video of her talking at Uddingston Library.

Charles Cumming talks about spies.

Val McDermid is appearing at the Melbourne Writers' Festival at the end of August, along with some other British crime fiction writers.

Campbell Armstrong takes Glasgow detective Lou Perlman to San Francisco.

More on the Unbound strand at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Finally, Scotland's double-decker dead.

And finally finally...that Ramones anthology - Alistair made the brilliant suggestion of having all stories kept under 600 words to reflect the fact that Ramones songs are very short - brilliant idea.


  1. Thanks Donna, great clicks! Loved seeing Denise Mina at Uddington Library, what a smart lady, and what a nice talk. And the Rankin video too, interesting!, from which I clicked to see the Aye Write video of Rankin in Glasgow, another good one for me. Also great reviews. The one of Mina's Field of Blood had some good words in it about what makes it stand above the others, a very good book for that reviewer, and that says it all, for me too "....It’s rich in context and characterization, but it’s not overwritten, pedantic, or [Bobbie took out other author mentioned] just one damned thing after another with intermittent pornography." Rohan Maitzen's review. Good words, for me!

    And some others I haven't read yet which are on my shelves, or which I need to find, thanks for those, also!

    Thanks, Donna, good Scots Friday post! :-)


  2. Oh, why was it that I left Denise Mina and Kate Atkinson lying about in our cottage?

    Well, I promise I´ll return to them before long.

  3. Bobbie - thank you and you're welcome! And Denise Mina is good fun.

    Dorte - I would advise it :o)