Thursday, 2 June 2011

Flights of Fancy

My lovely agent rang me today to tell me that Somebody Important in Hollywood likes OLD DOGS and is going to pass it to two Very Important Actresses and a Very Important Director. As you can imagine, I am full of glee. I am sure that nothing will come of it, but in the meantime it's lovely to dream. Even better, when I told my Mum she said "Very Important Actress and Very Important Actress? Maybe I'll read it after all, our Donna." And then she headed off to scan the Kays Catalogue for a new outfit for the Oscars where she's apparently going to be sitting next to Steven Spielberg. (I'm afraid she's been star-struck ever since she came home from CrimeFest, where she accosted one of the Heartbeat actors as he tucked into his bacon and eggs. Or, as she refers to the event "That time I chatted to my friend Bernie Scripps.") Actually, I can just picture her making sure Mr Spielberg doesn't get big-headed - "Eeee, our Steven - what is it with all the dinosaurs and aliens? Why can't you direct a nice film?"

Even if nothing ever comes of it, what really warms my cockles is that somebody enjoyed the book and that it made them laugh. That's a lovely thing to know.

Anyway, on to the proper news.

A number of new reviews from the always excellent Crimesquad, including one of Tony Black's TRUTH LIES BLEEDING.

An interview with Ken McClure.

A review of Morag Joss' AMONG THE MISSING, one of Denise Mina's FIELD OF BLOOD. And one of Christopher Brookmyre's WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED.

Peter May on the research trip from hell.

The role of Edinburgh in the television version of Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES.

Ian Rankin posted on Twitter his appearance in an Oor Willie cartoon.

And, finally, good job it wasn't Buckfast. They would have had to call in the army.


  1. It woul be a great film. Didn't I even suggest the names of a couple of actresses in my blurb?

  2. Bill - you did indeed (and thank you again :o) ) And I am biting my tongue here ;o)

  3. Donna - Oh, that would be wonderful! I hope that Hollywood deal goes through :-).

  4. It would make an awesome movie! It's classic 'comedy of errors' and deserves to be on the big screen! I would definitely watch it! :) I hope it happens for you! :)

  5. Eee, our Donna, that would be frickin' fantastic!

  6. Fantastic news! Would love to see OLD DOGS go all the way.


  7. Donna! Happy dancing here!! What a grand movie OLD DOGS would make, and may it happen for sure. Can't wait to see you and Mum at the Oscars! :-) Can the important actresses do Glaswegian accents and cursing? Hope so! :-) And of course they'll film it in Glasgow or at least parts of it, and you will be the consultant! What fun.

  8. Thanks All - it's a lovely dream!

    Bobbie - yes, they can. E-mail on the way :o) Consultant? I just want to make sure I get to do a casting call for Johnny Depp. There's no part for him, but...

  9. Johnny Depp??? Johnny ruddy Depp???

    He won't go near the book when he realises what sort of shoes the author wears! :-)

    You need a proper diamon essex geezer for that part!

  10. Anonymous - Paul? Daftarse???????????? Is that you?!?! Send me an e-mail and let me know what's happening!

  11. They seek im ere..they seek im there..they seek nearly everywhere..

    is e in eavan or is he in ell...that ellusive scarlet essex bloke..innit..


    whats ya email treacle?

  12. e-mail me at bigbeatfrombadsville at googlemail dot com

  13. I think i just did, just to check. let me know!