Friday, 24 June 2011

Pre-Weekend Peregrinations

An excellent article on Scottish actor Martin Compston (who I would love to have play Duncan or Raymie from OLD DOGS), who's going to be in Irvine Welsh's FILTH which is being filmed in October.

A review of Charles Cumming's TYPHOON, the Morning Star with a reviewlet of Denise Mina's THE END OF THE WASP SEASON, a review of Alexander McCall Smith's CORDUROY MANSIONS, The Guardian enjoyed Christopher Brookmyre's WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED, and reviewingtheevidence on Quintin Jardine's GRIEVOUS ANGEL.

Talking of Quintin Jardine, he was able to scatter his uncle, thanks to Kinky Friedman.

Two radio plays from the BBC Radio Crimes series have been released on CD - David Ashton's SERVANT OF THE CROWN and THE PICTURE OF INNOCENCE, and Val McDermid's CLEAN BREAK.

Alexander McCall Smith on Edinburgh's nightmare tram situation (warning - the audio starts automatically).

See Chris Ewan in Salt Lake City on August 13th.

The Washington Independent Review of Books has an audio interview with Kate Atkinson.

A short story by Campbell Armstrong (aka Campbell Black).

Think of me this weekend. I'm babysitting ten 13-year olds. At a pyjama party.


  1. Donna - I'll be wishing you the best with that babysitting sting *evil snicker* ;-). Thanks for these links!

  2. Why? And what'll you be wearing?

  3. Margot - I survived - thank you!

    Ms Witch - pyjamas and kitten heels...