Monday, 6 June 2011

Happy Monday

Tony Black interviews Doug Johnstone over at Pulp Pusher. And one at The Scotsman with Iain Banks.

Tara Moss recommends WIRE IN THE BLOOD by Val McDermid. And here Val talks about A PLACE OF EXECUTION on the BBC's World Book Club.

Listen to Craig Russell's LENNOX on Radio 4. For some reason, I can only find episode 3.

More on the Ayot Festival, where Alexander McCall Smith will be appearing.

A reviewlet of Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG. And Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES had its first airing on TV last night. I haven't watched it yet - did anyone see it?

Quintin Jardine talks about sitting by his pool reading his Kindle. Envious, moi?

The Washington Times reviews Philip Kerr's FIELD GRAY.

£8000 to spare. How about buying one of Robert Louis Stevenson's letters?

And if you live in Paisley watch out that you don't fall down drain holes. I don't know, you can't leave anything lying around. I once had my washing nicked off the line - apparently, it's called 'getting snowdropped'. It wasn't even fancy underwear - it was tea towels and an old duvet cover.


  1. I watched Case Histories last night, and Edinburgh looked lovely. I thought the first episode was very good, with some strange characters, but then I have never read Kate Atkinson. I am sure Jason Isaacs as Jackson Brodie will be a big hit with ladies who blog. My recorder is set for the rest of the series.

  2. Hiya Wee Hen!

    The manholes are frequently stolen in poor,lowly Inverclyde. My internet connection often fails and, according to BT, it is because someone keeps pretending to be a BT engineer and steals 100m or more phone cable out of the ground! Any old excuse..


  3. Norman - I shall check it out!

    27 - you are SO gullible :o) When are you coming to visit? My turn to buy dinner, I believe.