Monday, 13 June 2011

You'll Thank Me...

First of all, some delicious treats for you. Those lovely Radgepacket boys and girls have put Radgepacket 1 and Radgepacket 2 online for the kindle for a few pennies. How good is that? And if that's not good enough, how about a freebie? Mulholland Books (always impressive and this is no exception) have got a short story collection called L.A. NOIRE to go along with the video game of the same name. And, for a short while, it's free. And if you're in the UK, it's also free. Still not happy? Then how about the new Crimefactory 6? Well, that's my reading schedule sorted out for the rest of June, anyway.

The Tucson Citizen reviews Morag Joss' AMONG THE MISSING.

Douglas Lindsay - comedy genius. Two for the price of one - cats and Cameron.

Looks like Toronto's International Festival of Authors is being taken over by the Scots - Rankin, MacBride and Mina. Nice one.

Val McDermid talks to Virtual Granny.

Lin Anderson has a new blog all about eBooks.

Finally, your humble blogger is looking for help. If anyone has any ideas for creative writing exercises which are fun/work well for a) young people, b) adult literacy learners, or c) in prisons please let me know!

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