Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Crimefest , Battles and Strippers

The Crimefest programme is up. Look at my lovely panelists. Despite the fact that being on a panel makes me physically sick, I'm excited to be asking all these lovely people questions.

At 11.20 am on Friday
I Was A Male Warbride: Confessions Of A Crime Fiction Author
  • Chris Ewan
  • Helen Fitzgerald
  • Douglas Lindsay
  • Steve Mosby
  • Moderator: Donna Moore
At 2.10 pm on Friday
Monkey Business: When Mischievous Crosses Over Into Deceitful Behaviour
  • Colin Bateman
  • Colin Cotterill
  • Chris Ewan
  • L.C. Tyler
  • Moderator: Donna Moore
I want to be Ian Rankin - not only does he get to attend video shoots (I love this song by St Jude's Infirmary), but he gets to talk to all sorts of cool musicians. Here he is, in conversation with Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai who, incidentally, I saw in concert a couple of weeks ago (and who were most excellent). And here's Mr Rankin discussing Miss Jean Brodie.

My Favourite Books blog on Craig Robertson's RANDOM. And a eview of Philip Kerr's FIELD GREY.

An interview with Charles Cumming.

And Peter May talks about his latest book THE BLACKHOUSE.

Alexander McCall Smith and the Battle for Prestonpans.

And, finally, I'm definitely writing a story about this one. One thing strikes me though - she must have either big garters or fat legs to fit that amount of money in (I'm assuming it wasn't in $100 bills).


  1. Ian Rankin is "not available in your area" - I thought so, but always worth a try.

    Wonderful programme, and perhaps you can answer an important question: can my husband participate in the gala dinner if he only participates in Saturday´s programme? (he prefers his crime in Danish, but of course he wants to meet some of my freakish friends)

  2. Glad you like the programme Dorte - putting it together is like trying to herd cats :o)

    And yes, your husband can most certainly go to the gala dinner. When you sign up online you get the various different options - full pass, Friday pass etc and there's an option for gala dinner (it says 'with Crimefest pass' but it means any pass) so on the drop down menu you would select 1 full pass, 1 Saturday pass and 2 gala dinners (does that make sense?!) I think you can sign up for the gala dinner later, anyway. So the short answer is yes :o) Looking forward to seeing you!

  3. Your CrimeFest panels look great! And is it my imagination, or is 'Random' suddenly getting a lot of (well-deserved) attention?

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