Monday, 7 February 2011

Lemmings, Warbrides, Monkeys and Rhinos

Well, this weekend's cinematic viewing was a bit of a duffer - a French film called Lemming. We put it on our Lovefilm list with high hopes, having seen the excellent Harry, He's Here To Help from the same director the previous week. Unfortunately, it was pretentious, overwrought, incomprehensible twaddle. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Crimefest moderators and panellists are being contacted with their assignments. I'm moderating two panels. One of them is called I Was A Male Warbride: Confessions of A Crime Fiction Author and will feature Chris Ewan, Helen Fitzgerald, Douglas Lindsay and Steve Mosby. Yesssssssssss! What a lucky moderator I am. I am already devising some fiendish homework for my lovely panellists. Possibly the history of the cosy mystery through the medium of interpretative dance. For the other panel - titled Monkey Business - not all the panellists have come back yet to say they're available so I'd better shut up about that one, but it's also a cracker. And yes, there is a theme to the panel titles.

A review of Christopher Brookmyre's PANDAEMONIUM.

I always read the International Crime Authors blog with interest - they always have such great posts. I mostly link to those penned by Colin Cotterill, who is a comedy genius, and a lovely man to boot (not that I would, of course - that wouldn't be nice). Today, however, here's an excellent post by Margie Orford on the ethics of writing about crime.

No Scottish Academy of Literature after all.

Ian Rankin's naughty neighbours.

Gillian Galbraith is doing some events in Edinburgh in March.

Alexander McCall Smith offers to buy a rhino for Edinburgh.

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