Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Flu, Apps and Alternative World Book Night

I should be in Edinburgh this evening for the launch of Tony Black's fantastic TRUTH LIES BLEEDING (review to follow). Instead, I am in bed with the flu. And very grumpy. In the meantime, here's Tony talking about the new book over at Do Some Damage.

Allan Guthrie talks to Spinetingler about e-books, and to Paul Brazill about all sorts of stuff. Spinetingler also talks to Nigel Bird about e-publishing his short story collection DIRTY OLD TOWN.

And Ian Rankin talks to his twitter followers about lunch with his publishers.

Alexander McCall Smith has joined Ian Rankin in having his own i-phone app. I have an i-phone, I love technology, but I've never downloaded a single app. Am I missing some good stuff, dear Reader?

Alex Gray talks to the Paisley Daily Express about her new book SLEEP LIKE THE DEAD.

The Mystery Librarian reviews BUSY BODY by M C Beaton.

Ian Rankin apparently cures DAD.

And, finally, just a reminder of Alternative World Book Night. All you need to do is recommend a book you wish was better known, and give a copy away (and let me know you're in so I can list it here at Badsville.


  1. I sure hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh, no! Feel better soon, Donna!

  3. Donna dear, icky bad flu begone! Sorry you had to miss this event you wanted to attend. Put your feet up, have a nice drink--of your choice-- and get better soon!

  4. OF COURSE you are missing some good stuff:

    Hard to believe that you have a phone that can get apps - I'm soooo jealous - and don't already have this!

    (And good luck figuring out who's posted this since I've cleverly signed in as "Anonymous") :o)

  5. I have my ipod, and while I've downloaded a couple of dozen apps, the only ones I use regularly is the Weather Channel, Dictionary/Thesaurus, Pandora, Stanza and, of course, the Werewold Reminder, which is utterly vital.

    Get feeling better!


  6. Booknut and Margot - thank you!

    Bobbie - sadly, my drink of choice at the moment is Lemsip with honey :o)

    Anonymous - good luck figuring it out? Who else would recommend I get a phone app of a baby hippo but you, dear Jan Long :o)

    Neal - errrrrr...I'm really not sure what to say except to ask, seemingly casually, whether the Werewolf reminder is utterly vital so that you can avoid them, that you can avoid being seen with unsightly facial hair?

  7. Get well soon, Donna!

    Iphone apps? Well, I told my husband last weekend that *he* needed Stanza so he could read my crime stories but what you need??? I´ll come back and tell you when I find out ;)

  8. In the words of the late John Belushi, 'my advice is to drink heavily' (though it did him no good, in the end). Get well soon, Donna.
    Apps? I have a barely functioning mobile phone that's only charged up when I go away. But my god-daughter (25) swears by the app that identifies a piece of music if you hold your phone up to it. Useful yet useless.