Sunday, 3 July 2011

News, Reviews, and How My Mum Was Right

A great blog post from Helen Fitzgerald on her speech for the Oscars sparked this equally great post from Douglas Lindsay. (By the way, Douglas, I totally agree with you about the annoying Squealapova. She sounds as though she's auditioning for a part in Deliverance.)

The always brilliant Allan Guthrie's Ten Rules To Write Noir. Fantastic stuff.

Nigel Bird reviews Russel McLean's THE GOOD SON, and a review for Karen Campbell's PROOF OF LIFE. Over at Crimesquad, July's reviews include a couple for Scottish authors - the lovely Michael Malone reviews Denise Mina's THE END OF THE WASP SEASON, and G.S. (who I'm sure is equally lovely) reviews Craig Russell's A FEAR OF DARK WATER.

And Denise Mina reviews a true crime book. Not only is it a great review, but it's also an interesting and funny look at the appeal of true crime. Talking of true crime, right at this moment there is a woman being huckled into the back of a police van just along the road...

An interview with Lin Anderson.

My Mum gets the proof she needs for her theory that women shouldn't swear. Bugger.

Finally - please could we have our enormous bobble hat back?


  1. Uh-oh, Donna - Guess I'll have to watch my mouth... ;-)

  2. Thanks for the link, kind madam!

  3. Indeed, Margot!

    Ben - you are most welcome - it's been a great series!