Friday, 1 July 2011

Nibbled To Death By Fish

First of all - happy birthday to the talented JT Lindroos. Thanks, JT, you're a star.

I've been away having a girlie few days with my friend Jill - you know the sort of thing - drinking wine, watching movies, shopping, and having your feet nibbled at by man-eating fish. Strangely, a notice on the tank says "Please do not feed the fish." The film we watched was BRIDESMAIDS - not my usual fare but it was a bit different from the usual sickly sweet chick flick, being delightfully rude and crude in places. Good fun.

I've been chastised yet again for not updating my music selections over on the right, so I've put my current listens up. No doubt they'll still be up there 6 months hence.

Allan Guthrie over at Criminal E interviews...errrr...Allan Guthrie. And he also interviews Gordon Brown, so he doesn't just talk to himself.

A real life Ian Rankin mystery. How brilliant is this?

An interview with Ken McClure.

Alexander McCall Smith at the London Literature Festival on July 3rd.

Irvine Welsh - Ecstasy: The Movie.

Have a lovely weekend all, and thanks to everyone for the creative writing exercises.


  1. Thanks Donna! It's so much easier when you're working with great people and great books.

  2. JT - I hope you had a lovely birthday, and thanks again :o)