Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Hotch Potch of Crime Fiction Randomness

Just a wee reminder for anyone who's in Glasgow on Tuesday evening - I'm interviewing Karen Campbell and Caro Ramsay for a My Life In Books Crime Fiction Special at the wonderful Glasgow Women's Library. All welcome (it's not just for the girls!)

Six shots from Allan Guthrie over at Shotgun Honey.

Getting to know Stuart MacBride.

An excellent Noir Interview with Ray Banks. What a great idea. And a couple of reviews of the excellent GUN.

A review of Kate Atkinson's STARTED EARLY, TOOK MY DOG.

Edinburgh's Oxford Bar, home of Rankin's Rebus and more places of interest on the Literary Map of Edinburgh. Tickets on sale for An Evening With Ian Rankin on September 2nd. And Colin Bateman interviews Ian on September 22nd at the Irish Literature Festival in Bangor.

Talking of Ian Rankin, I hope that he and Val McDermid have been gargling with honey.

Trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

A conversation with Alexander McCall Smith.

I'm off to Harrogate tomorrow for the Crime Festival, so I doubt there will be any posts from me until at least Sunday evening. Have a lovely weekend, Dear Reader.


  1. Read in haste, thought it said "started early, took my blog".

  2. Donna, that interview at the Library sounds awesome! Please please please do a grand report here about it when done! Looks excellent, three authors I think are awesome, talking together...ahh. Guthrie's Six Shots are too good, what a writer, all that in so few words! :-) Oxford Bar, Banks, and on and many good things here today! Thanks for a good trip to Scotland. :-)

  3. Maxine - LOL. Great title for a blog post :o)

    Bobbie - I most certainly will do! And yes, Mr Guthrie is, indeed, a great writer. And a top bloke.