Sunday, 17 July 2011

This, That, and a Bit of the Other

This weekend's film viewing was 36 QUAI DES ORFEVRES with Daniel Auteuil and Gerard Depardieu - a gritty, absorbing and convoluted crime thriller with lots of shades of grey. Great performances from Auteuil and Depardieu. Off to Harrogate Crime Festival next week so it will be a film-less weekend.

A great post from Helen Fitzgerald on self-obsession, and here's a great interview with her in The Scotsman.

The Scotsman also interviews David Ashton.

Hobbit in Irvine Welsh's ECSTACY.

An audio interview with Dr Val McDermid.

The World of Alexander McCall Smith, a review of BLUE SHOES AND HAPPINESS and a video interview with the man.

An interesting article on Douglas Watt's TESTAMENT OF A WITCH.

Fancy an evening with Ian Rankin?

Shirley McKay and Gillian Galbraith will be appearing at the Inverness Book Festival August 10-13. Louise Welsh and Christopher Brookmyre will also be appearing.

The Guardian on class in fiction. And another Guardian piece - this time the best summer reads and where to read them. Maybe we should do the equivalent for crime fiction.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you again that you should read the genius that is Douglas Lindsay's GOVERNMENT OF THE LIVING DEAD, do I?

And, he's not Scottish, but I can't resist the chance to give a shout out to the lovely Declan Burke, whose book ABSOLUTE ZERO COOL is out soon. It's absolute 100% brilliant, by the way. And it's being launched on August 10th at the Gutter Bookshop in Dublin. Everyone welcome.


  1. Have just been studying French film for my OU course. Did they ever make one not starring Gerard Depardieu?
    Enjoy Harrogate. Wish I was going. Only the second time I'll have missed it.

  2. Sorry you won't be there Janet. I'll try and have some fun for you :o)

  3. Enjoy your time at Harrogate! Agree, great interview with Helen Fitzgerald....and oh yes, I'd like an evening with Ian Rankin...if wishes were horses. :-)

  4. Bobbie - wish hard and click your heels together - you never know!