Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Complaints, Fevers and Yearnings

A review of Ian Rankin's THE COMPLAINTS and also his DARK ENTRIES.

And one for Val McDermid for FEVER OF THE BONE. And, talking of Val, she and Kate Atkinson are amongst a stellar line up appearing at the Manchester Literature Festival from October 15th to 25th. And globetrotting Val will also be appearing at Crime Day at the Bodleian Library in Oxford on 2nd October.

I have added a new author over to the right in the links- Ross Robertson, whose debut novel - A YEARNING FOR JACOB'S SON - is a Scottish set political thriller and has been described as 'fast, caustic, shocking and controversial'.

A sequel to the new SherlockHolmes film is already on the cards.


  1. Do you realize that when you blog about complaints and fevers, your readers begin to drool, thinking "now she is sick again & we´ll get one of her lazy posts"?

    But Ranking & McDermid are also okay, I suppose.

  2. LOL - sorry Dorte - I shall try and be ill more frequently!

  3. Well, now I am not quite as self-centred as I may sound. Have you considered giving us a lazy post on a good day, now and then? Then I could enjoy it AND have a good conscience (said the vicar´s wife).

  4. But then I would run out of nonsense, so what would I do on BAD days?:o)

  5. On a BAD day? When nothing happens & you haven´t had time to read a book you can review?

    Well, yesterday I posted a photo of three old books, Monday a pair of shoes, Sunday a photo + a question, Saturday I wrote about the books I had won in September ...

    Do you need more bad ideas? Because the funny thing is that quite often my readers also seem to like MY lazy days.

  6. And you do it so well Dorte! Great suggestions :o)