Friday, 18 September 2009

Shouldn't They Be Writing?

To paraphrase Denise Mina, with all these festivals it's a case of throw a brick and hit a crime fiction author (but don't, by the way, that wasn't a suggestion...)

Speaking of Denise Mina, she and Louise Welsh are doing events at the Scottish Mental Health Arts And Film Festival.

And Louise Welsh will be at the North Lanarkshire Festival of Books And Writing.

More on the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival.

And Val McDermid is very busy, because here she is at the Ilkley Literature Festival.

And Alexander McCall Smith to appear at the Lennoxlove Book Festival in Haddington.

For anyone in and around Cambridge on Monday September 21st, Manda Scott will be on a panel at Heffers.

I do wish I could go to the Wigtown Book Festival (September 25th to 4th October) - it's looking like an excellent series of events.

And finally, if you can't make any of those, then why not go and have a chat with the charming Ray Banks. You could turn up at his house for a cuppa, but he might thump you, so why not chat to him online, here, on September 26th.


  1. Erm, Donna? Twitter is all very well and good, but right here is where you should be posting THE NEWS THAT YOU'VE BEEN SIGNED TO MAXIM JABUKOWSKI'S NEW IMPRINT!!!

    Sorry, I got carried away .. I meant to say, 'Squiffing news, ma'am, rather.'

  2. Kerrie - how lovely! Thank you very much for my award - much appreicated!

    Dec - LOL. Thank you. I am thrilled to be part of it!