Thursday, 10 September 2009

Is This A Cover I See Before Me?

How gorgeous is this? After my excited post about my yummy US cover, here is my equally yummy UK cover. I particularly love the cigar stuck in the cake - the person who designed it has totally nailed it.

The UK and US covers are completely different but both are absolutely perfect and I am so thrilled. And I don't think I will ever get over the excitement, joy and 'pinch me' - it can't be real' of having my name on the cover of a book. I'm very grateful to those people who have made it possible - especially my lovely agent Allan Guthrie.

And now, before I get all Kate Winslet on you and burst into tears, on to proper news...

A nice piece on the underrated Peter Turnbull.

Good on ya, Ian Rankin.

A reminder of a rather spiffy looking event. I'm looking forward to this one:

Waterstone's Crime Time - Denise Mina, Louise Welsh, Helen Fitzgerald, Harry Morris and Karen Campbell.
Eastwood Park Theatre

Sunday 13th September 2009 from 6.30-10.30PM

Tickets £8 available from: Waterstone's Newton Mearns, 0141 616 3933
and Eastwood Park Theatre Box Office, 0141 577 4970

Featuring the cream of Scotland's crime writers, telling stories, reading from their novels and answering your questions.

Louise Welsh - Author of prize-winning novel 'The Cutting Room', and Berlin burlesque crime thriller 'The Bullet Trick' will be reading exclusive previews from her next novel due out in March 2010.

Denise Mina - Author of the acclaimed Garnethill series will be talking about her latest novel - 'Still Midnight' an intelligent crime thriller which has been awarded numerous plaudits by the critics.

Karen Campbell - has penned her incendiary second novel 'After the Fire' a literary crime follow-up to 'The Twilight Time'. Her skillful writing is informed by her experiences in the Glasgow Police Force.

Helen FitzGerald - Author of sparklingly black crime fiction with a wicked twist, Helen will be talking about her latest novel 'The Devil's Staircase'

Harry Morris aka Harry the Polis - is well known for his hilarious anecdotes about serving as a Glasgow Policeman, and his stand-up routine always goes down fantastically well. His latest book 'Up Tae My Neck In Paperwork' continues the side-splitting saga.

For further details contact; Waterstone's Newton Mearns, 38 The Avenue, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 6EY, 0141 616 3933


  1. Hey Donna, congrats with the cover. I fully understand your enthusiasm, being in print is the greatest! Go ahead; go all Kate Winslet'y. LOL.

  2. That's much more you, Donna!

    What do you mean, real news? You and your book cover is more than enough. (I have some old cloth nappies if you need something to mop your tears.)

  3. Oh, that cover is just so British! I´d fall for the book immediately (even if it hadn´t been written by you)

  4. Jack, bookwitch, Dorte - thank you all for your kind comments and letting me enjoy a good sob :o)

  5. Stop crying Donna.

    Dorte, it's the cake. I feel very peckish, all of a sudden.

  6. That cover represents the genteel English scene properly, when I have read the book, then I can comment on the gentility.

  7. Kate Winsletty? That's OK, thought you were going to threaten Gwynneth Paltrowy for a minute there!

    It is a great cover, and having perused both editions, I think they have got it right - ie I prefer the UK one (and I am in the UK target market, so correct answer!)

    I agree on Peter Turnbull, he is a highly underrated author, I loved his P (?) division books. And did they nick those for Taggart without crediting? (Like Ed McBain and Hill St Blues.) Or is that an incorrect memory of mine?

  8. That is a grand cover Donna.. no wonder you are somewhat pleased! Both covers are excellent. When is it due out in the UK? Look forward to reading it.

    I always did beware Old Ladies.. very scary individuals and never to be underestimated!


  9. Great cover, Donna, no wonder you're thrilled :)

  10. Bookwitch - no more crying - I promise. And those cakes DO look rather tasty.

    Anonymous Dad - yes, well, if you're expecting gentility, you MIGHT be disappointed...

    Maxine - hmmmmm - you might be right on Peter Turnbull. Interesting.

    Neil - just a tad pleased :o) UK edition is out in April.

    Alison - thank you! I am indeedy.

  11. It is a smashing cover. A touch of the Ealing Comedy about it, I think, which is more than fine by me.

  12. Thanks Paul! And I love Ealing comedies (sadly, what's inside the cover could not posibly match up to one of those!)