Friday, 25 September 2009

Short and Sharp

Quick and early today. It's my birthday this weekend and we areleaving shortly for a weekend of festivities and pampering. At least, that's what I'm hoping for... So no post Saturday or Sunday this week. I'll catch up on Monday.

More on the North Lanarkshire Words 2009 festival, nice to see there's a heavy crime fiction influence.

Louise Welsh's play Memory Cells on at Glasgay! between 20th and 24th October.

It's UNICEF Crime Night at Glasgow's Hillhead Library on October 16th with Karen Campbell, Helen Fitzgerald, Caro Ramsay and Alex Gray. And there's a short story competition - the topic is 'crime', the word count is 1500 words and the phrase "out of the darkness" needs to appear somewhere in the story. Closing date is 30th September, entries cost £6 with all proceeds going to UNICEF. Entries will be judged by Helen and Karen with the winner receiving signed copies of the authors' books, plus an award presented at the Crime Night and the story showcased at a special reading on 17th October from 2pm-4pm, also at Hillhead Library. Why are these events always while I am away? . For more information contact Hillhead Library or e-mail

Craig Russell on his new series character LENNOX.

And finally, feeling as though you want to treat yourself? Love luxury hotels complete with butlers? Books? Pubs? Edinburgh? Then how about this?

Have a lovely weekend all. X


  1. Donna darling - have a wonderful, wonderful day - you look great for 97 ;)

  2. Have a very Happy Birthday, Donna. You might like to know that your name was mentioned in a complimentary fashion during a deeply philosophical discussion between two senior bearded bloggers [Mack and me] on the banks of the River Dart. It is our age. ;o)
    That luxury literary treat is very tempting.

  3. LOL Norm - I am sure you will not be surprised to learn that I doubt that the words "Donna" and "deeply philosophical" are not usually mentioned in the same sentence :o) I hope you and Mack had a lovely time and also that the mere mention of my name didn't make you want to jump into the River Dart. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  4. Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your weekend!

    - and remember to tell us all the fun stuff on Monday! LOL

  5. Yeah! twenty-five again! Have a wonderful day :-)

  6. Happy Birthday, Donna!!

  7. We will. You too.

    And Happy Birthday!

    Tim - I'm fairly sure Donna will be 29.

  8. Happy birthday, missus ... Treat yourself to a new pair of brogues, by any chance?

  9. All - thank you very much!
    Tim and Ann - hahahahahahahahahaha - very funny. 47. That's shocking.
    Dec- might have done :o)