Wednesday, 16 September 2009

M and N are for...

It's been a while since I did an alphabet post, as there seems to have been so much other stuff to write about, so here's a catch up of the remaining (recently added) Ms, and the only N on my list:

Margot Bennett - born in 1912, Margot Bennet published nine books in the 20 year period from 1945 to 1964, several of which were crime fiction featuring her series character John Davies. Her best known novel - THE WIDOW OF BATH - was adapted for television and Bennett also wrote for television - most notably several epsiodes of Maigret. She won the prestigious Gold Dagger award in 1958 for SOMEONE FROM THE PAST. Sorry, I can't find any reviews of her books to quote.

Morag Joss - author of six crime fiction novels - three psychological suspense, and three in a series featuring cellist Sara Selkirk. Her novel HALF BROKEN THINGS (the tale of three loners who are drawn together, but whose pasts catch up with them) was awarded the CWA Silver Dagger in 2003, and her most recent novel - THE NIGHT FOLLOWING (about a woman who, temporarily distracted by the betrayal of her husband, kills a woman in a hit-and-run accident) was nominated for an Edgar. "For her mastery of mood, her complex story lines and her shrewd appreciation of the frail boundaries that divide the sane from the mad, Morag Joss has been compared to…Ruth Rendell, Barbara Vine, and Minette Walters. Such compliments are tossed about too lightly in the publishing world, but this one is so justified it seems like an understatement." Washington Post.

Neil Forsyth - while working as a journalist in Dundee, Neil Forsyth discovered the story of Scottish fraudster Elliot Castro who, by the age of 21, was living the high life in London, New York and LA on the money from other peoples' credit cards, before gradually losing his grip on reality as he tried to juggle he various lies he had told. Forsyth's first book - OTHER PEOPLES' MONEY is the story of Castro. LET THEM COME THROUGH is Forsyth's first novel and is the darkly funny tale of celebrity medium Nick Santini. "A gritty, funny, sometimes tragic story about corruption and fading celebrity. You'll never enjoy existing among such a grotty cast more." The Bookbag.

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