Friday, 29 January 2010

Gi'e's A Job

Carry a poem in Edinburgh from 1st February. Carry one in Glasgow, too, if you like. Just don't let anyone know.

Single? How about a bit of literary speed-dating? I once went speed-dating of the non-literary kind. It experiene.

Noir Journal pronounces Allan Guthrie's SLAMMER his best yet. And asks "What kind of mind thinks this up?" I've been asking that for years.

Paul Blackburn reviews Tony Black's LOSS for Eurocrime. And Crimetime speaks to Tony. And for those who won the copies of LOSS - I haven't forgotten. I'm going to go and get copies as soon as possible.

Val McDermid talks about A DARKER DOMAIN.

A book trailer for Peter May's VIRTUALLY DEAD.

Some details of the Reading Crime Writing Festival announced. And more on the Jaipur Literature Festival where Alexander McCall Smith is appearing.

Ian Rankin's six best books. And India's Organiser reviews Ian's THE COMPLAINTS, strangely calling it his second book. And, if you're a fan of beer and Ian Rankin, here's just the event for you.

And, finally, should anyone specify a lazy good-for-nothing, I'm superbly qualified.


  1. Oh, so I can´t ask for reliable workers? Can I apply for workers without being sued by the middle and upper classes?

    Can I say I want readers for my blog without discriminating against the illiterate?

    Thank you for this excellent blog post. You have really made me much wiser (I think - or do I now discriminate against those unfortunate who are dumber than me?)

    NB: the word verification is luchbskn - exactly my word!

  2. Dorte - you are most welcome. And you can ask for anything you like. Getting it, on the other hand, is another matter...

  3. Great Blog!! And thanks for the ref to Noir Journal.
    Noir Journal

  4. Mike - you're welcome - I really enjoyed your review of SLAMMER, and also your film noir stuff.