Wednesday, 6 January 2010

We Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Remember me? I am back - after a longer delay than anticipated. hadn't noticed I'd gone?

A brief summary of some very, very, very old news (I still have another 700 Google Alerts to read, so you can expect old news for the foreseeable future as I catch up. Meanwhile, hot off the press in Scottish cultural news, John Logie Baird invents television.

A seasonal story from Alexander McCall Smith. Happy Christmas. I'm either late or early - you choose.

A very interesting blog post about Gordon M Williams, author of THE SIEGE OF TRENCHER'S FARM, which was made into the film STRAW DOGS.

G J Moffat on YouTube, talking about his books.

Scotland to get its own Walk Of Fame. I wonder what they will use instead of stars.

The Edinburgh Evening News looks back at the best of Scottish writing in 2009. They missed some, but it's a good start.

And, finally, it's neither Scottish nor crime fiction related, but, from The Boston Globe a warning - should one be needed - never to complain about a review. I love the phrase "a litany of unjolly spankings" and am going to find cause to use that one on a regular basis.


  1. Re the Walk Of Fame ... we've got one in Edinburgh already, albeit a small one. So far we've got Ian Rankin and J.K.Rowling

    Here's a photo:

  2. Tim I didn't know that - thank you! Great photo.