Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Turds and Treasures

First of all, I want to say a big, huge, ginormous apology to everyone I've sent ARCs of OLD DOGS to (they've all been sent out, by the way). I said that it was, as yet, unedited. Today, I got the edits back from the wonderful Peter Lavery (John Blake/MaXcrime). The man is an eagle-eyed genius - an artisan of the apostrophe, a craftsman of the comma, and a guru of grammar. He has taken his talented pencil to my manuscript and it is now strewn with obvious improvements. He has, shall we say, polished the turd until it shines. It may well still be a turd, but, lo, 'tis verily a very shiny one. So, I am very sorry to all those who received the unpolished, still-steaming, foul-smelling turd.

And now, the news.

A huge congratulations to Val McDermid who wins the Cartier Diamond Dagger, and pronounces herself gobsmacked.

Peter May sets up a private detective agency in the name of research.

Alexander McCall Smith talks about 44 Scotland Street on the iPlayer.

Minnesota Reads top 10 of 2009 - includes Allan Guthrie's SAVAGE NIGHT. The rest of his list looks excellent too. I shall be searching out the ones I haven't read.

CBC Radio talks to William McIlvanney.

The executors of Conan Doyle's estate threaten to withdraw permission for a sequel.

A blog about David Ashton's McLevy.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reviews Charles Cummings' TYPHOON. And an interesting idea (but one which sadly won't load for me) THE 21 STEPS is a Charles Cumming story which unfolds as you follow it across a map of the world.


  1. When will OLD DOGS be available in Canada? Whenwhenwhen?


  2. I'm enjoying my turdy Old Dog very much. Get back to you when I've finished it but it's well worth throwing a sicky for.

  3. Jen! How lovely to see you. April in the UK, June in the US. Which suits Canada best? :o)

    Paul - thank you for the kind words. I'm really glad you ar enjoying it.

  4. Waiting eagerly for mine, wagging my tail and wondering what our postwoman will think about this doggy delivery :D

  5. Oh Donna, turds are turds, and we know what to do with them. And unpolished is just fine. :-) Looking forward to it, either way! :-)

    And agree, hats off to Val McDermid.


  6. Donna I'm so glad to see you've got another book out how lovely. I'll be seeking it out as soon as humanly possible. I have always loved Val's approach to her work and the world so I'm particularly chuffed to see your comment about her. I hope you have more in the works for yourself to publish.

    Let me just hijack your blog here to say hi Jen howz it going in Vancouver? I hope you're well. I would have said the name of your town but I thought that might be too revealing on a public blog.


  7. Bobbie - there is one on its way to you :o)

    Sly - lovely to see you! Thanks for stopping by. And thank you.