Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Teeny Tiny Sunday Summary

Denise Mina's STILL MIDNIGHT reviewed in the Globe And Mail, the Daily Telegraph reviews Aly Monroe's WASHINGTON SHADOW, Publisher's Weekly reviews Philip Kerr's IF THE DEAD RISE NOT and Eurocrime reviews Russel McLean's THE LOST SISTER.

More on the Isle of Man event (gulp) organised by the lovely Chris Ewan.

For those who enjoy reading (and writing) short stories, Tania Hershman has an excellent list (incomplete - so e-mail her if you spot a missing one!) of UK and Irish literary mags. Good on that woman - it must have taken her ages.

More from Ian Pattison on Rab C Nesbitt in a very entertaining article.

More on the Jaipur Literature Festival - although this time it's the Daily Express wondering if money should be spent on it when Scotland has its own literacy problems.

Val McDermid is part of a Booktrust project to enourage the over 60s to engage more in reading and creative writing. My Mum and Dad read loads already (they're in their 70s), but I'm not sure I want to encourage my Dad to do creative writing - he already makes up plenty of rubbish about me in the comments.


  1. Lovely people keep sending me their books to read, it must be part of the project to encourage the over 60s [and closer to 70 in a few weeks] to read more. ;o)

  2. Norm - that's what it must be!

  3. I'm sure your Dad doesn't make it up!

  4. Of course he does! You believe all those terrible things he says about me?