Tuesday 19 January 2010

Quick and Dirty Posting

In the midst of editing, so a quick and dirty link summary.

It seems that everybody in the world likes Russel McLean - and quite rightly so. As an extra added bonus, one of those links also has a review of C David Ingram's THE STONE GALLOWS.

Christopher Brookmyre at the Winter Words Festival in Pitlochry on January 31st, while Alexander McCall Smith will be visiting Epping Forest in March.

Listen to the start of M C Beaton's DEATH OF A VALENTINE.

Author Craig Robertson revealed. I have a copy of his debut novel, RANDOM which looks good. I've decided that February is Scottish Crime Fiction Month chez moi and I shall be reading that one, Tony Black's LOSS (as soon as I buy a copy), Russel McLean's THE LOST SISTER and Gordon Brown's FALLING.

And talking of Tony Black, sadly, I shall miss the launch of LOSS at Blackwell's Bookshop in Edinburgh this Thursday. If, like me, you have been jonesing for a new Gus Dury, The Rap Sheet has an original short story featuring Gus. Great stuff.

The Big Thrill talks to Peter May.


  1. Donna, we've also got a review of russel's latest at crimesquad.com

  2. Cheers Michael - I've added the link!