Monday, 22 March 2010

Cows In the Cludgie

Maybe I'm wrong but I get the impression that Irvine Welsh isn't too keen on UK theatrical types. Ouch.

Books Are My Only Friends blog compares Philip Kerr to Weezer.

Alexander McCall Smith on his favourite word, amongst other things.

Reviewing The Evidence reviews Lin Anderson's THE FINAL CUT, Clandestine Critics on Ian Rankin's DARK ENTRIES. And The MadHouse Family likes Helen Fitzgerald's MY LAST CONFESSION.

Handbags at dawn as
authors take their revenge on each other.

Bookzone TV interviews Ian Rankin, who was once a vegetarian for three days. Until he decided he preferred bacon to Morrissey.

And, with thanks to a link from Ian Rankin on Twitter - Glasgow's child vampire hunters.

Finally, Scottish Water urges people "to think carefully about what they flush away". I wonder whether it was the same curious person who flushed a cow, a live badger and a steam iron.


  1. I think of it all the time, Donna.

  2. Bookwitch - and did you think of the consequences when you flushed that cow, young lady? Hmmmmm?

  3. some great links, Donna. The child vampire hunters is crying out to be used, innit?

  4. Was it really a cow?

  5. Michael - absolutely...the cogs are whirring!

    Bookwitch - not after you'd finished with it ot wasn't

  6. "Down came her mammy / She was going to the cludgie / ah-ha, I buggered off sharpish."

    I recently learned the word cludgie from that splendid teacher Hamish Imlach and his textbook "Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice." Nice to see the word again!
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"