Sunday, 7 March 2010

Teeny Tiny Truncated Sunday Summary

A very brief post tonight as I am just back from seeing Christopher Brookmyre and Karen Campbell at Aye Write, plus dinner at Red Onion with my lovely friend Kieran. Reports to follow (not of the dinner - although if you must know I had crayfish, followed by duck, topped off with frozen raspberries in hot white chocolate, all helped down with a nice glass of Italian pinot grigio - mmmmm). In the meantime, a few linkety-links.

Talking of Christopher Brookmyre, a very thoughtful review of Pandaemonium from the wonderfully named blog Detained in Camp Miserable (Google Alerts lead me to some marvellous places I would never otherwise find).

The Times of India on Ian Rankin's THE COMPLAINTS.

More from The Guardian on the most borrowed books of 2009. And here's the actual list of the top 250. Nice to see all that crime fiction.

I missed this for Valentine's Day but it's still a good read. Included because of the mention of Ken McClure (and because it's fun, and that's all the excuse I need).

Charles Cumming on espionage.

Manda Scott on growing up preferring animals to people.

A review of Denise Mina's EXILE from the intriguingly named blog Slate Floor Tiles. I have no idea why it's called that. Is the owner a slate floor tile lover? Seller? Or indeed, a slate floor tile him- or herself?

And finally, I for one am most happy to see that Mr Ray 'Kuncklebuster' Banks will be at Harrogate this year. And what a fine panel it sounds too. If Ray's appearance wasn't enough it also has two of my favourites - Martyn Waites and Charlie Williams.


  1. I may be a vegetarian, but raspberries with duck? Honestly. And white chocolate?

  2. OK, I see how that reads :o) The raspberries with white chocolate were for pud. The WHOLE MEAL was topped off by raspberries and white chocolate, NOT the duck :o)