Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Starting With Gnomes and Ending With Giants on an event with Irvine Welsh (who they describe as being rather like a "mild mannered bald garden gnome"). And if you want to check that description out, here he is on video. And on audio.

I know Valentine's Day is long past, but I'm still half catching up, so here's the delightful Michael Malone on writing poems for Margaret Thomson Davis for one of her novels.

Alexander McCall Smith enjoys sitting down with a nice cuppa. I never knew there was so much you could say about tea.

Sons of Spade with good things to say about Tony Black's LOSS.

Here's Ian Rankin on Deutsche-Welle radio. And, when two worlds collide - Ian Rankin talks to Richard Jobson of The Skids - one of my favourite bands from the punk era. For those who don't know the band, or for those old punks like me who just want to hear it again, here's INTO THE VALLEY. Brilliant.

Martin Edwards likes Craig Russell's BROTHER GRIMM.

The Seattle Times with a review of Denise Mina's STILL MIDNIGHT.

And finally, either there's no height requirement in the police force these days or this guy was auditioning for a part in Roald Dahl's The Big Over-Friendly Giant.


  1. bless you, our Donna. I could get used to having the prefix of delightful before my name.

  2. LOL @ 'our Donna', delightful Michael.