Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Pop Stars, Tram Stars and Merchant Bankers

How brilliant is this? Tony Black plays William McIlvanney's son in a music video.

Ian Rankin plastered all over a tram? But, whoops, Mr Rankin's not happy.

Aly Monroe's blog is always fascinating and thought-provoking, and this post on Arturo Perez Reverte and this one on the origin of characters are no exception.

The true story behind Robert Louis Stevenson's KIDNAPPED.

A review of Alexander McCall Smith's THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF SCONES. And an article on how he was inspired by SOS Childrens' Villages.

And a review of Val McDermid's FEVER OF THE BONE.

A man walks through a pretty street in Germany and talks about Helen Fitzgerald's DEAD LOVELY. Yes, that means my German is nicht gut genug to translate.

And finally, all those merchant bankers now want to be James Bond.


  1. If I had to travel in a vessel bearing Ian Rankin's face, I'd be exceedingly depressed. I can only imagine the torment he would endure travelling in himself. :)

  2. When he got off the bus would he be quite literally 'out of his mind'?

    or 'off his napper'?


  3. M J - I don't think I'd even get ON a vehicle that had my face on it :o)

    Ed - ba-boom tissssscccccccccccch :o) And I guess if he were to get off it drunk h would be 'out of his face' :o)