Friday, 5 March 2010

That Friday Feeling

The Crimefest programme is up. Those who know me will know exactly why I gave the panels the names I did :o) The bad thing about organising the panels is that Adrian insists that I moderate one. The good thing is that I get to bully my friends onto being on it. This year my poor panellists are Chris Ewan, Helen Fitzgerald, Steve Mosby and Zoe Sharp and I'm looking forward to interrogating them. I'm currently thinking up suitable homework for them. Crimefest is always really good fun and Adrian Muller and Myles Allfrey do an excellent job organising it. Hope to see some of you there.

Crime fiction tops most borrowed library books list, with both Ian Rankin and Alexander McCall Smith in the top 10.

Talking of Ian Rankin, one of his recent tweets intriguingly stated " I'm showing a scriptwriter around Edinburgh, in preparation for TV version of 'The Complaints'". Hmmmmmmm, looking forward to hearing more about that. And Ian reports that this event went well. I'm not really stalking you Ian, honestly.

Louise Welsh and Dan Rhodes on new novels, flatpack furniture and knob gags (Dad, that's jokes about door handles, by the way).

Scene of The Crime blog interviews Philip Kerr about his Berlin.

A slew of book reviews for the weekend. First of all, Fair Dinkum Reviews on my Dad's favourite, Caro Ramsay's SINGING TO THE DEAD. The Guardian reviews the audio version of Aly Monroe's Maze of Cadiz, Mystery Books News on Peter May's THE RUNNER, The Scotsman reviews Louise Welsh's NAMING THE BONES, the Star-Telegram enjoyed Ian Rankin's DOORS OPEN and Mysteries and Musings reviews M C Beaton's DEATH OF A VALENTINE. And there are no mormons in Stuart MacBride's BLOODSHOT apparently.

Alexander McCall Smith at the Dubai Festival of Literature. And here he is in an audio interview over at Spoken Word.

Poisoned Pen Press give Val McDermid a nice surprise. I love Val's comment in the last line.

More on the possible creation of a Scottish Academy of Literature.

And finally, anyone going to any of the Aye Write events? On Sunday, my mate Kieran and I are going to this and this.