Friday, 12 June 2009

C is for...

I'm off to a wedding today so no post tomorrow. I'm currently using a Mac which is not my own and for some reason it won't let me post comments so Peter, Paul, Dorte and David - I'm not ignoring your comments on an earlier post - I just can't respond :o) Also, it's a good job I typed most of this post up yesterday, as I am now sporting false nails and typing is a bit of a nightmare. As is going to the loo, scratching my nose and putting contact lenses in. I'm very worried about putting my tights on but I have resolved that issue I think. I shall be the only person at the wedding with surgical gloves in their handbag...well, unless there's a serial killer among the guests.

Campbell Armstrong - has written over 25 novels - some under pseudonyms such as Campbell Black and Thomas Altman, and in genres as diverse as horror, thriller and memoir. His series of four novels set in Glasgow feature Detective Lou Perlman of Strathclyde Police. Perlman's Glasgow is dark, grimy and atmospheric.
"Campbell Armstrong- the literary equivalent of an AK47-is back with another high octane magnificent grit-fest that sprays out plot strands like bullets. Several dead bodies,a crimeworld coup,a missing person,an absent love interest,a hand that seems to have misplaced the rest of its body and a headless corpse in a clown suit. And thats just in the first 50 pages. Not to mention an endearingly carnaptious detective who makes Mark McManus's Taggart look chipper. Lou Perlman doesn't do romance.He doesn't do authority.He definitely doesn't do housework.But he is in a class of his own." Daily Record

Caro Ramsay - Caro wrote her first novel ABSOLUTION whilst recovering from a bad back injury. Detective Chief Inspector McAlpine is given the unenviable task of leading the hunt for “The Crucifixion Killer”. The killer has already mutilated and murdered two women, laying out their bodies in the form of a cross.It’s a gripping psychological thriller-cum-police procedural with a troubled protagonist and a great cast of supporting characters. Secrets, torments, chills and obsession.
"This is a tightly plotted and skilfully handled book. The multiple plot lines are carefully interwoven and it boasts a veritable host of interesting characters among the police and the myriad suspects and secondary roles." Eurocrime

Carol Anne Davis - Carol Anne Davis writes both true crime and crime fiction. Her crime fiction is hard-hitting stuff that covers such subjects as necrophilia, rape, sadism, torture, and noisy neighbours (I know that doesn't sound too bad given the other topics but believe me, it's pretty damn disturbing!).
"Carol Anne Davis writes with dangerous authority about the deadly everyday. Her work is dark in ways that Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters can only dream of. This is our world, skewed and skewered, reealed in its true sanguinary colours. You've got to read her."- Ian Rankin

Catriona McPherson - Dandy (short for Dandelion) Gilver is a respectable socialite who keeps her sleuthing secret in this light series set in 1920s Scotland.
“The strengths of Bury Her Deep all derive from the voice of the narrator. Respectably married to the deeply conventional Henry Gilver, Dandy is brisk, baffled, heroic, kindly, scandalised and — above all — very funny as she sleuths her way with through the Scottish countryside," The Guardian

Christopher Brookmyre - a writer who likes his villains to be likeable and his good guys to be edgy. He's written 12 books, including several featuring slightly dodgy investigative journalist Jack Parlabane, as well as several standalones. Surreal, anarchic, very funny. The new one due out later this summer - PANDAEMONIUM - a secret military experiment run amok is about to unleash the forces of hell on a group of unsuspecting Glasgow teenagers. Oh yes - can't wait.
"The kind of thing that Agatha Christie might have written if she'd been off her tits on manky crack" - Time Out

Clio Gray - writes a series of historical novels set in the early 19th century featuring missing persons finder Whilbert Stroop who traves as far afield as the Baltic, Italy and Britain to solve his cases.
"Clio is that rarest of finds, a natural writer…she has an incredible flair for atmosphere, imagery, setting and description. There is a strangeness and originality about her work – halfway between historical fiction and magic realism. Reading her is like being at a sumptuous feast in a palace, just before it is stormed." - Alan Bissett

Colin Galbraith - his latest book - STELLA - is about an ageing spy and the world's most beautiful assassin. Also writes poetry and non fiction.

Craig Russell - author of four thrillers featuring Jan Fabel - inspector with the Hamburg Murder Squad. A new series, featuring a character called Lennox, will be set in Glasgow's ganglands in the 1950s. 'Tongs ya bass', as we would say :o)
" A gorgeous, grisly serial killer tale that will have you on the edge of your seat, toes curling" Daily Express


  1. Oh, I thought you were getting married, for a short while there. I'm sure someone will help you with the tights...

    The Mac. Is it Safari? Because I have endless problems posting comments in Safari on all you new blogspot people's blogs. It takes skill and cunning. (Old blogspot blogs are no problem, so some setting has changed somewhere.)

    Luckily I'm both skilled and cunning.

  2. I´ve begun saving money for my Scotland trip which may turn out more expensive than I had expected (don´t tell my husband I said that or he will leave me at home).

    If you should come across a serial killer at the wedding, PLEASE stay alive so we can have your first-hand report. That´d be something ;)

  3. You're only up to C and already I have a whole page of new books to go looking for. You can stop for a breather any time you like thanks.

  4. Oh I do hope there is a serial killer at the wedding - and that you get to sit next to them at the reception - no no - don't want you to be a victim - but because knowing you, you would have his whole life history by the end of the evening - right down to his favourite flower!!!!

    Oh - and I have awarded you with The Literary Blogger Award on my 'play' blog :)

  5. Bookwitch - it was Safari - yes. It was most annoying, but I am back home now and have my trusty old Dell :o)

    Dorte - no serial killers - just some seriously bad dancing - you know the type - your embarrassing uncle with his tie around his head playing air guitar... :o)

    Bernadette - you're very welcome :o)

    Sally - aw - thank you! How lovely of you.

  6. Thank you for including me in this :-)