Saturday, 20 June 2009

A-Z Killing Spree - Verses H to K

Just a reminder that if you comment or e-mail and I don't answer it's because I am currently living it up in New York.

is for Harold, who disliked Hankypanky
When his wife said `yes please', he replied `Oh, no thank `ee'
When shot with a Harpoon he died in the Hydrangeas
And his wife laid the blame on a party of strangers.

I is for Idris, travelling through Indonesia
When he started to suffer strange bouts of amnesia
And pains he assumed a bug of the Intestinal persuasion,
But which turned out to be Invading alien Infestation
He was taken in a spaceship to a galaxy afar, so
He may not be dead, just Incommunicado.

J is for Justin relaxing in his Jacuzzi,
When a Juvenile burst in brandishing an Uzi
Justin Jumped up, attempting a wild Judo tackle
But was mown down by Junior, enacting Day of The Jackal.

K is for Kevin, Kidnapped by Knaves wearing Khaki,
And spirited away to some caves in Karachi.
They roasted him with Kumquats and dined on his Kidneys
Made him into Kebabs which they gave their King, Sidney.

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