Thursday, 25 June 2009

A-Z Killing Spree - Verses R to T

R is for Reggie, a Rockstar from Rome
Who modelled himself on Dee Dee Ramone
His Rock and Roll antics were quite Rabelasian
And he always lived down to his bad Reputation
So no-one was surprised when he ended up dead,
When on stage with a Rabid Rat he bit off its head.

S is for Simeon, Serial Seducer from Streatham,
Got some Sausages in the post and, Starving hungry, et 'em.
But those Sausages were Sabotaged and Stuffed with Salmonella
Sent to Simeon by his latest victim, Stella.

T is for Theo, a Televangelist who Transgressed
And was found in a Toyota with Tiffany, undressed.
With Theatrical Tears for TV viewers' Titillation
He Told all his sins to a Tantalised nation.
But his Tormented wife found his behavious appalling
So she killed him and wrapped him in a Tarpaulin.
Took him to a Taxidermist in Tulsa called Tony
And had him stuffed and mounted so she'd never be lonely.

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