Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A-Z Killing Spree - Verses O to Q

O is for Oswald - Optometrist from Oklahoma
Who was found in his Office one day in a coma.
After making suggestions Obscene and Offensive
To his secretary, Olive, who went on the defensive,
And hit him on the head with the base of the phone,
Making a bit of a mess of his Occipital bone.

P for Percy and Phil, Paleontologists Par excellence,
Father and son, on a dig in Paris (that's France)
A fossil found by Percy caused quite a Palaver
Sending Phil into Paroxysms of jealousy at his father.
With Poison he injected his Pater's Pastrami,
And was tried for Parricide - but found utterly barmy.

Q is for Quentin, a Quantum mechanic,
Whose girfriend, Queenie, about dancing was manic
So he left his work early at the government Quango
And took Queenie out to a dancehall to tango.
But while Quentin amused himself solving Quadratic equations,
Queenie with a Quarterback had carnal relations.
So Quentin challenged the Quarterback to a duel
But the Quarterback fought foul, not by Queensberry rules
He grabbed poor Quentin by the scruff of the neck
And threw him in Quicksand off the coast of Quebec.

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