Saturday, 27 June 2009

A-Z Killing Spree - Verses X to Z

X is for Xavier, an X-ray astronomer
Who could do marvellous things with a mercury thermometer
I cannot divulge because most were X-rated
But I'll tell you they left his girlfriend Xena elated.
So when with a Xylophonist from Xiangstan she found him in bed
She gassed them with Xenon and left them for dead.

Y is for Yves, a Yachtsman no less
Who when Yvonne said 'no' thought she really meant 'yes'
The Yobbish Yahoo tried it on with Yvonne
So she kicked him overboard; he Yelled, and was gone.

Z is for Zebediah a Zoot-suited Zoologist
Who began to court Zesty Zara, an animal psychologist.
When he told her the Zebra was a Zodiacal sign
She realised that Zeb was out of his mind,
That he was a Zero, a nothing, a phony,
So she sneaked some Zinc Sulphate into his Zabaglione.

The End - and aren't you glad?

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