Monday 21 December 2009

Extremely Chuffed of Glasgow

First of all, the winners of Tony Black's LOSS (which is out in January) are Tim from Edinburgh (who left a comment) and Helen (who e-mailed me from the US). If you both e-mail me your address I shall send your copies as soon as I've bought them - which will be as soon as it's published next month.

And now, an offer you CAN refuse. Look at this which I received today! I hope I never lose this feeling of the first time I hold a proper copy of my book. Isn't it beautiful? How chuffed am I? I've been wandering around stroking it. It's the Uncorrected Proof of the US edition of OLD DOGS which is not out until June but the lovely David at Busted Flush Press has made up some ARCs. It's beautifully bound, shame about the writing.

As you can see from this second photo, I offered a copy to my Mum and Dad but, for some reason, they seem less than keen. I have no idea why. So what that means is that I have an ARC to give away to someone who's had too much sherry at Christmas and is foolish enough to request one. Remember, it's a VERY Uncorrected Proof, so if my old English teacher should win it, I'm very sorry Mr Browning - you did try and teach me spelling and grammar. When you wrote on my report card "Needs to talk less and listen more," you may find you have been proved right if you read this book (as an aside, if, by any chance, my PE teacher Mrs Griffin reads this, you, too, were right when you wrote "Donna needs to get off her fat bum more." To my biology teacher, Mrs Povey, I told you that was disgusting and I would never do it, no matter how much I loved someone...I lied. (As an aside to the aside - Dad - that bit was just a joke)).

Where was I? Ah, yes. So, if you would like an ARC, please leave me a comment in the comments bit, or send me an e-mail to the usual address telling me what my Mum or Dad are saying in the photo.

Incidentally, my little brother, whose arm is in the photo, has decided to vet the book for profanities, just to see whether it's suitable for my Mum. He's just given up at page three saying "I don't think people should write words like that in a book..." OK, so now I've alienated my whole family.


  1. Donna's Dad: Keep that away from me.
    Donna's Mum: We should phone the maternity hospital to see if there was a mix up. There must be our nice quiet girl out there somewhere.

    Only joking Donna. I am sure they would not disown you.
    My dear mother had a very fraught relationship with the youngest of her six sisters and would always say to me;, 'Your aunt has ruined the communal washing machine' or "your aunt has had an argument with so and so'. I replied 'your sister', she said 'your aunt', and despite me pointing out that she had to have been her sister before she became my aunt, it was always 'your aunt'.
    I have a PhD in alienated families.

  2. I'd love to get my mitts on this, especially as I think the US cover knocks the socks off the UK one. I can wait until June though to make sure you get the 30 pence or so in royalties my purchase will enrich you by (I guess that should be 30 cent as I'll no doubt have to buy through a US distributor to get the right cover)! My review of your Go to Helena Handbasket is still the post that has had the most hits in a single day on my blog. Hopefully Old Dogs will do the same trick.

  3. June?!?! And will it be available in Canada?

    And by the way, I usally feel the worst insult you can give a book is that a high school english teacher would like it.

    In your case I have a feeling your teacher will like it and so will I.

  4. Me, me!! Send me a book, Donna.

    Oh, and about the alienating the family thing, good timing. Fewer gifts to give at the holidays. You can make up in time for your birthday.


  5. Congratulations to Tim and Helen!

    What is John talking about? I AM a high school English teacher, and I would absolutely love your book. And I don´t need your turquoise-clad brother to censor it for me either.

    Dad says: no thank you, we already own one book written by her.

    Mum says: has she really donna one more? How am I ever gonna face the neighbours again?

  6. Dear all - thanks for your comments which have made me laugh (and thanks to those too who sent them via e-mail). Please keep them coming and I will put them all into a boot and draw them out.

    Norm - my Mum does that too. "Your father's been annoying me again."

    Rob - and thank you again for your lovely review :o) I am sure I will get more copies, if you REALLY want one!

    John - It's out in April in the UK - is that any better?

    Lymaree - what an excellent idea - thank you

    Dorte - I can assure you - you don't need my turquoise clad brother for ANYTHING.

    Thanks all, for the laughs!

  7. Dad: I can't see for the glare coming off our Donna's new book.

    Mum: Stop whinging and smile for the camera.

    Can't wait, Donna. No need for me to win, I'll be buying one come June.

  8. Mum: Who are you calling an old dog?
    Dad: Oh god, you've only been home a day. Take cover!

  9. Down, book. Down. It's OK, darling, it won't bite...

  10. DJ - aw thanks m'dear!
    Rob - Mum wants to know if you ARE calling her an old dog.
    Bookwitch - it might :o)

  11. Er, no, I was aiming for misunderstanding rather than literal. Oh heck, don't drag me into the family drama. And I have a perfectly sensible wardrobe of clothes ...

  12. DAD: AW, the sheer brilliance is blinding me!
    Mom: Oh, sweety, I'm so proud of you it's making me weep!

    Yeah, I'm a sucker for ARCS and uncorrected proofs, also I'm not ashamed to needlessly flatter you, Donna

  13. Rob - I'm glad to hear it.
    Keith - ya big sook, as we say in Glasgow.

  14. Darling, don't look, it's ... it's ... it's radioactive! Duck and cover, m'dear!

    Ohh, what? That thing our Darren's holding up? Why it .... Donna? Donna, dear? What have you done with our daughter? Noooooooooo! [covers ears and goes "lalalalalalala" to avoid the radioactive words encased within the book]