Friday 11 December 2009

I Appear To Have Caught Up With Some Slightly Stale News

The Daily Telegraph held a live Q&A with Alexander McCall Smith. It is, of course, live no longer (the rigor mortis is just wearing off) but here it is.

Irvine Welsh is one of a great line-up at the Perth Writers Festival in February 2010. I got very excited about this, until I realised that it was Perth, Australia, rather than Perth, Scotland, just up the road.

A Sherlock Holmes themed tourism campaign.

The always interesting and thought-provoking Margot Kinberg on when sleuths get it wrong.

Innocent Bystander with a great review of Chris Ewan's GOOD THIEF'S GUIDE TO PARIS.

Kate Atkinson's CASE HISTORIES to be filmed for TV.

And, finally, brilliant news for my lovely friends Christa Faust (OK, so she's not Scottish but she did visit in November) and Allan Guthrie (world's best agent). And the book sounds great. I'm looking forward to spending time with Angel Dare again.

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