Tuesday 15 December 2009

A Slew of Reviews

Denise Mina's STILL MIDNIGHT is reviewed by The Hamilton Spectator, The Scotsman reviews Aly Monroe's WASHINGTON SHADOW, Ken McClure's WHITE DEATH in The Independent, while the FT reviews Catriona MacPherson's latest Dandy Gilver novel.

An interesting post comparing Guy Ritchie's Holmes to the original. Plus Robert Downey Jr on playing "the first superhero".

A special Christmas "boady in thuh rivuh" Taggart.

I don't know how close you have to live to Tennessee, but if you want to review for the Decatur Daily...

And finally, a very tough books quiz in the Telegraph. I got one right. Thicko.


  1. All I got was the reference to silicone. So that would be half a point. Anyway, the whole thing was an exercise in How Clever Am I? by the person who set the quiz. And I'm not playing.

  2. Oh good - I'm glad it's not just me, Michael!